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Party Fever, more like Party Felon.The owner, Danny Biglow, Jr.

is a convicted felon and has no business being around children! He was found guilty of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, robbery at gun point, etc, and sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison.

When will the state of Flori-duh wake up and do something to stop violent felons like him from trying to be around children. It's always the sickos that want to open "kid friendly" businesses.

There are much better party stores that aren't owned by violent felons and I do not want my money going to support a thief and a convicted felon.I would not let my child near that store!

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Aggravated battery and robbery at gun point is more than "wanting a quick buck".Maybe he can throw himself a party for not assaulting anyone or robbing them.

I don't think not breaking the law is worthy of respect.Opening third rate party knock off stores isn't either.

Florida- home to more child molestors and ex-felons than any other state.


Sure, now he's filling up balloons for the kiddies?I think aggravated battery with a deadly weapon is more than "wanting a quick buck".

Florida- home to more ex-felons and child molestors than any other state.

Does he deserve to dig ditches or pump gas?

Sure- but opening a kid oriented store?Maybe he can throw himself a party for managing not to beat someone with a deadly weapon while robbing them.


What does armed robbery have to do with children?He was NOT convicted of child molestation, or kidnapping, or some other child related crime.

He had a past of wanting a quick buck. And served his time in jail. And now, I assume, he's just trying to turn legitimate. I fail to see how this makes him a sicko.

By letting him run a business the state of "Flori-duh" is doing a great thing, allowing a once criminal turn around and make something of his life, instead of being recycled back into a life of crime. Unless this man does something to warrant suspicion there is no need shun him.

From the looks of it he's been out of jail for 10 years.Doesn't that warrant some respect?

to Anonymous #998952

Do crime do time get good job live happy get voting rights back .No harm no foul .I had drugs n car alone small weight but the world says I can't be around kids.

Why ?

It was 17 years ago but I can't drive a school bus or teach but I did the time.This needs to change.sidenote I raised a 4day old son not biological and he has never been arrested finished school and has a job .I did that for ten years after the charge so I think I'm pretty *** good around kids

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